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How Do You Plan and Conduct Meetings Members Want to Attend?

How would your players score your playing field - exciting or boring?

Your team's playing field is your club meeting. Just like there are great games on the sports field, club meetings can be a wonderful fun experience or a dry, boring and uneventful time for members. As the clubs coach, you determine the playing field by the way you structure and facilitate your meetings.

Follow these steps to fun, hands-on, active and “I want to be there” 4-H club meetings:

  1. Involve your club officers, junior leaders and club advisors in planning club meetings. Dynamic 4-H clubs have a great yearly plan filled with FUN and ACTIVITY!
  2. Allow members to connect to the club... serve on committees or as officers, assist with fundraisers, plan community service, make decisions, or teach a skill.
  3. Build 4-H club spirit by including get-acquainted activities and team-building activities, committee work and/or group projects in your meetings. Display the flags and recite the American and 4-H Pledge at every meeting.
  4. Let the officers run the meetings. Prepare meeting agendas, schedules and programs with officers. Help guide and train officers, so they can successfully carry out their duties.
  5. Use parliamentary procedure to conduct effective, efficient and democratic meetings. Don’t forget to start and end on time!
  6. Set member behavior expectations. Use your club meetings to teach respect, sportsmanship and good citizenship. Use effective discipline strategies to promote positive outcomes and use the problem-solving model to deal with challenging member behaviors.
  7. Plan well-balanced meetings that include:
  8. Share important information with the membership. Highlight upcoming event dates, deadlines and opportunities in the club and at the county and state level. Use your county 4-H newsletter, and county and Ohio 4-H websites to stay current. Create your own club newsletter or web site to communicate with club families and members.

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